Charities We Support

In order to use our platform to help others, we are donating 20% of the proceeds of each sale to endorse charities that directly support those families who are most in need.

Dream Smart Academy

DreamSmart Academy envisions a world where people “know who they are" and "do what they are," based on the knowledge of their Behavioral SuperPowers™  Their goal is to guide people to achieve greater self-empowerment so they make DreamSmart life, relationship, and financial decisions.  

Prather Foundation

Founded in 2019, The Prather Foundation was established with a vision to provide a nurturing and safe environment in which children can embrace their identity and reach their fullest potential.

The Prather Foundation enriches the lives of youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs. The foundation focuses on fostering the next generation of leaders through positivity, resources, and accessibility

La Plata Blue Knights

The La Plata Blue Knights is a non-profit, community-based volunteer youth organization providing organized football and cheerleading programs for children ranging in ages from 5 to 14. We work with our carefully selected volunteer coaches to promote a positive atmosphere to ensure responsibility, honesty and good sportsmanship.



Southern Maryland Youth Home, Inc.

Southern Maryland Youth Home, Inc, provides therapeutic residential care to at risk youth between the ages of 14 and 17 years old; providing an educational component. Care is to include provision of love, nurturing, counseling and guidance to said youth; and to teach basic independent living and vocational skills to youth.

Legacy Preparatory Academy

Legacy Preparatory Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the total enrichment of boy and girls in low-income areas to help them build purposeful lives.